Why You Should Drink Coffee

Why You Should Drink Coffee

If It Isn’t Obvious Already

It’s every morning’s first thought. At least for approximately one quarter of Australians who; according to a survey conducted by Home Beautiful magazine; cannot speak or think coherently without their coffee “first thing”. For those self confessed caffeine addicts, it’s out of bed and straight to the kitchen to wait what feels like an eternity for the pot to brew. At last, that first sip exhilarates in a way that cannot be produced again with the afternoon or evening cup. Bring on the day.

Including the 24% of Australians who admit to being addicted to caffeine, roughly three out of four Australians are coffee drinkers. According to the survey, 12 per cent of Australians admit to drinking four or more cups per day. An additional 14 per cent have three, 27 per cent have two and the last 24 per cent drink one or less per day. These statistics demonstrate only Australia’s caffeine dependence but to fully demonstrate the popularity of this drug, it must be pointed out that the only commodity of the world higher in dollar volume is oil. This is really no wonder when you consider its benefits.

If asked, a coffee drinker will usually tell you about one of three benefits of drinking the hot beverage. The first is that it keeps the mind alert and increases ability to process information. The second is that it eliminates headaches, even though sometimes caffeine withdrawal is to blame for these. The third is, of course, that it is delicious and comes in many varieties and flavors. Whatever the reason, three out of four people agree that life is better with coffee.

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