Ways to Update an Old Coffee Table

Ways to Update an Old Coffee Table

Give it a Unique New Look

Old furniture that is not considered antique is dated and sometimes even an eyesore. It probably looked great when it was new and stylish, but when it is twenty or thirty years old it could more than likely use an update. Instead of giving it away or placing it out by the curb, give it a whole new look for less. Try these creative ways to update an old coffee table, and breathe new life into furniture that is no longer considered in-style.

Update an Old Coffee Table with Slate

Slate tables are stylish and sturdy, and the tiles are generally supported by a wrought iron or metal frame. However, an old wooden coffee table can be transformed into a slate-topped piece with the addition of slate pieces and a coating of black marine paint. The furnishing must be sturdy and able to support the tiles since slate is very heavy.

Begin by painting the sides and legs of the coffee table with black marine paint. This type of paint is best since it is virtually indestructible. It is considerably more expensive than regular paint, but it will outlast all others. Apply it according to product label directions for a fast and easy color update.

Next, purchase slate tiles from a landscaping business or a home improvement store. Buy enough to completely cover the top of the outdated piece. Glue the tiles in place with construction adhesive. Once the adhesive dries completely, fill in the gaps with black grout. This update will make what was once old and outdated look like new, and it will be entirely unique.

Make an Ever-Changing Glass-Topped Coffee Table

Would you like to cover an outdated sixties or seventies-style coffee table in a completely new way? This update is fast and very easy, and the look can be changed again and again. The coffee table can be decorated and updated for holidays, fall, winter and absolutely any occasion.

If desired, begin by painting the legs and sides with marine paint. As previously explained, it is much stronger than other varieties. It will resist chips, cracks and other damage.

Whether the wood is painted or not, buy a large piece of tempered glass that will fit the top of the table. Contact a glass dealer for options and prices. This easy update will cost less than a new coffee table.

Next, buy a piece of fabric or use wallpaper, wrapping paper or some other thin material to cover the table. Cut it to size, and place it beneath the glass. Even checkerboard print or other game boards can be used to update what was once an outdated coffee table in a unique new way.

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