Coffee, that wonderful conduit for caffeine as well as keeping us warm on chilly days, had been around for centuries. Today it is a big business from mega chains (a Starbucks on almost every corner) to “mom and pop” places (Jitters in La Mesa, California). From one bunch of coffee beans, you can get a wide variety of flavors – it is all on how the beans are roasted. This article gives the eight most popular roasts that one can find at your local coffee house or grocery store. Be sure to check out our other post: Caribou Coffee Review American Roast: this roast is also knownRead More →

A Little Known Herb Paving the Way with Less Caffeine While Boosting Immunity Coffee is part of the morning ritual. It seems to be the first thing on a coffee drinker’s mind every morning. But do you find the robust concoction gives you the jitters after the second or third cup? Maybe it’s time to think about an alternative beverage. The good news is that you don’t have to give up that coffee just yet. Chicory coffee can boost the energy and alertness with half the caffeine. Chicory has coincided with mankind for a very long time. It has been cited as one of theRead More →

Coffee has been a part of the daily lives of human beings. Whether it is fresh, black, with cream, 3 in 1, or 5 in 1 coffee; people drink it. However, the production of coffee is not simple. First, the coffee beans are grown and ripe, and then they are harvested. These coffee beans need to be roasted in order to make a coffee beverage. Roasted coffee beans vary in color and taste. But no matter the strength of the coffee taste, coffee will always be part of our lives. There are many processes before the coffee beans become the coffee that you drink. First,Read More →

Most major city’s and town’s have at least a handful of great coffee shops and bistro’s. It was a new and growing trend in the business world of entrepreneurship in the 1990’s and still is today. Many consumer’s don’t realize how much they are spending on take out coffee. All of us are familiar with the popular chains. Even fast food places and convenience stores are hopping on the specialty coffee bandwagon’s. You can even buy pre made coffee drinks in your grocery store. Many of us are pulled in by the convenience and then become hooked on the taste of certain drinks. Unfortunately itRead More →

Organic coffee is not only healthier than the coffee grown using conventional methods – it’s tasty, too. It protects the natural environment by making as few changes to the natural vegetation as possible. Coffee is a special plant – it must grow in shade and on fragile and fertile soil. Coffee regions are highly biodiversified. Organic coffees are grown on fragile soils, and often on steep terrain highly susceptible to erosion. This delicate balance makes coffee-growing areas extra-susceptible to damage from human intervention. Nature provides her own alternatives to the chemicals used by many commercial growers. To prevent the nutrients from the topsoil’s being bleachedRead More →

Three Local, Popular and Often Visited Coffee Shops in Philadelphia Who doesn’t love coffee? Very few! There are tons of great places to pickup your morning pickup, and they don’t always have to be a Starbucks or a Dunkin Donuts! Sometimes, independent coffee shops and cafes offer better quality! Not to mention, reasonable prices, great service and ORIGINAL flavors and range of menu. One great city to delve into for a wonderful morning pickup before work is Philadelphia. When I moved here, the privately owned restaurants and shops seemed to be everywhere! Why? Because they’re popular and the people love them. They are convenient forRead More →

I would like to introduce you to a long-time favorite product of mine called Teeccino Herbal Coffee. Now, I know how many truly terrible coffee substitutes there are out there… Postum… Pero… Etc. But this is not one of them (in fact, to date, this is probably the only acceptable coffee substitute that I know of. In fact, I sort of hesitate to call it a coffee substitute. I’d rather call it an herbal beverage. If I must, however, I could be persuaded to call it “herbal coffee.” For the record, in case there is any confusion, this is not actually coffee at all. ThereRead More →

Coffee connoisseurs love nothing more than a cup of freshly brewed coffee. There was a time when getting the best beans and roasting them at home was not possible for everyone. With the advent of sophisticated coffee machines, it is now possible for everyone roast the coffee in the comfort of their homes. But there’s still the problem of getting the best beans. Not everyone is aware or has experience on how to buy the best coffee beans. If you love your coffee and love to roast the beans at home then you need to find best beans. Coffee beans are of different types dependingRead More →

Coffee cans are great for many other uses other than just toting coffee. This article will go over several different craft ideas and creative ways to reuse them. If you have pets empty coffee cans make great scoops for dishing out their pet food. It works great for horses and chickens and indoor pets too. The smaller cans work great for the smaller pets who don’t eat as much and the larger ones work best for the larger animals who eat more food. Empty coffee cans make great arts and crafts for the kids. For Valentine’s Day a coffee can makes a great Valentine’s DayRead More →

No doubt about it, America is a nation of coffee drinkers. The numerous chains and coffeehouses built every day in this country is a testament to the staggering number of people who just love the look, feel, and smell of a hot cup of coffee to get them going in the morning or calm them in the evening. Any type of coffee drinker can find a coffee service that they like, and they can have any kind of specialty gourmet brands overnighted to their home or office. Search online for Internet coffee clubs that cater to your specific tastes, or else try the coffee ofRead More →