If you are a fan of Starbucks coffee, but not their sky-high prices, you might want to consider making your own fancy coffee at home, for a fraction of the price. It really isn’t that difficult to do and if you have a fridge, a blender and a microwave, there is no reason you can’t do it just as quickly. You can use instant coffee, but properly brewed always tastes better. What most people don’t know is that you can chill brewed coffee and then just reheat it later. This is ideal if you are on your own and can’t finish a whole pot byRead More →

If It Isn’t Obvious Already It’s every morning’s first thought. At least for approximately one quarter of Australians who; according to a survey conducted by Home Beautiful magazine; cannot speak or think coherently without their coffee “first thing”. For those self confessed caffeine addicts, it’s out of bed and straight to the kitchen to wait what feels like an eternity for the pot to brew. At last, that first sip exhilarates in a way that cannot be produced again with the afternoon or evening cup. Bring on the day. Including the 24% of Australians who admit to being addicted to caffeine, roughly three out ofRead More →

After some unexpected vet and medical bills last fall, I decided I needed to tighten up my budget. I realized that my daily stops for coffee were an unnecessary expense, especially when I realized that my daily $3 cup was adding up to a monthly $90 deficit to my bank account. So, I started exploring options that would allow me to still enjoy my coffee while saving money too. Option 1: Drink the Free Coffee at Work I liked the price. A lot. Free coffee at work is a great benefit. However, the Styrofoam cups and the quality of the brews just didn’t satisfy me,Read More →

And Some of the Bad, Too All of my life I have heard reasons for and against coffee drinking, and being raised a Mormon I was always taught that it was bad. Upon doing research for this paper, I have come to find that it is quite the opposite. Granted, there will always be adverse affects for varying people who drink it, but the health benefits far out weigh the negative association these beans have been ground up to be. First, I will start with the negative side affects since they are minimal. Drinking coffee can cause irritability, nervousness, hand trembling, rapid heartbeat, high cholesterol,Read More →

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is basically a Starbucks clone chain, kind of new-ish to the Bay Area, apparently originating in L.A. and slowly creeping its way north and east over the last couple of decades. I don’t know about any of the other locations, as this is the only one I’ve been to, but I’d rate it as maybe slightly better than Starbucks overall, but with worse coffee. This particular location is between 4th and 5th along Market, an area surprisingly not well supplied by coffee shops other than the obligatory two or three Starbucks seemingly present on every downtown block. The interior isRead More →

Many can not fathom the idea of living without their morning cup of coffee. However, during the summer and spring months many are interested in looking, and feeling better. Going green is just one way which many go about doing this. Did you know that you can go green with your morning cup of coffee? Below are a few ideas, and suggestions as to how you can go about doing this. Finding the right beans It all starts with finding the right coffee beans. Some tend to focus on buying coffee beans that are grown in an eco friendly way. This means that no damageRead More →

How to Use Your Addiction to Gain Financial Independence Almost every book about saving money or getting out of debt tells you to forgo your daily double-half-caf-latte and put the four dollars you would have spent for a java buzz into the bank. If you do that every day, you can knock $1460 off your credit card balance for the year, or apply an extra payment to your mortgage. Or take a vacation. Sounds great! Unfortunately this dictum ignores the fact that coffee is an addiction, and most of us need that morning jolt to make us even moderately productive during the typical day. Sure,Read More →

It wasn’t a pleasant sight when I saw the rear axle bent forward, but I was sure it wasn’t so bad because he made it back home alive. The drapes were drawn but he wasn’t there, slumped on the couch, there he was, lying motionless, but breathing of course. I continued on with the broken car and blood stains on my mind while I make way to the room. He didn’t react much and neither did he bothered to offer an excuse, I wasn’t upset but definitely displeasured. The marks on his neck were even more severe than ones made by the brunette lawyer thatRead More →

Keep your tea. Give me coffee any day, as Sydney Smith said, “If you want to improve your understanding, drink coffee; it is the intelligent beverage.” Legend has it that an Ethiopian goat herder first recognized the magical powers of red coffee berries, when he noticed how frolicsome his goats became after eating them sometime around AD 800. He tried some, so the story goes, and the effect was so ecstatic, that he ran straight to the local priests with his discovery. They tried them and stayed up all night in rapture with the divine. The legend of coffee was born. Although the truth ofRead More →

Do You Want to Drink the Best Coffee? Do you want a cup of coffee? That question was asked over a thousand of years ago in Ethiopia. From Ethiopia, coffee spread throughout the Arabic world, and then onto Europe, and from there into your cup. Now you know why your coffee is always so cold when you are finally ready to drink it. In the old days, there was one type of coffee; it came in a can, pre-ground, and you went from there. Most of the U.S. really hadn’t discovered Arabica coffee and all the various types of Arabica coffee until much later. So,Read More →