Maxwell House Coffee Review

Maxwell House Coffee Review

Maxwell house coffee review will tell you a lot that you didn’t know. It is a renowned and loved brand all over the US. It was introduced first by a wholesale grocer named Joel Owsley Cheek in the year 1892. You might wonder then where did the name come from, well it was named after the Maxwell House Hotel, Tennessee. Why name after a hotel? Simple. It is because the first buyer of the coffee was by this hotel. They received 20 pounds of the coffee for free and it was finished within days. After that, they never looked back and kept on ordering this excellent blend of a coffee that was made by Cheek.

After a several years of their launch, Maxwell House Coffee became a household name. Everyone enjoyed the blend that they had and they never looked back ever since. Making the experience of every coffee lover a pure bliss. They have been in the market for a great amount of time and have made their product stand out from the rest. Their customers are very loyal to their product. They often go about tasting other brands but always comes back saying that they feel empty without Maxwell’s coffee.

The great thing that this Maxwell house coffee review will tell you is that they have been in the business for so long that they actually has generations of followers. Anyone to this day who is living in the US at least tasted Maxwell for once. At least parents or great parents did. This makes anyone walk down the memory lane whenever they take a sip of this remarkable coffee which has shaped so many generations of coffee lovers.

Their tagline ‘good to the last drop’ is famously to be said by the former president of the US, Theodore Roosevelt. Back in that time, this slogan was also being used by Coca Cola but then after that Maxwell started to use it. Cheek and fellow owner at that time Neal claims that they overheard the former president say those words after the first cup of coffee. Though it is sometimes rebuked by a lot of people, this is still believed by the company and it also reflects in one of their commercials where they famously referred to the former president saying ‘Good to the last drop’. This has been the slogan for the company ever since and has been put into their logo.

Any customers of Maxwell will tell you that they agree to our Maxwell house coffee review. The only drawback is that Maxwell coffees are a bit too strong for people, but other than that from the aroma to the blend of the coffee is unparalleled to any other brands. No wonder it has a generations of loyal customers. If you go on to ask any 18 year old today, they will say that they saw their parents drinking it and now they drink it and they do not like any other brands after this. I have not found any flaws about