How to Make Coffee with a French Press

How to Make Coffee with a French Press

A French press can give you an easy and cheap way of making coffee anywhere. You simply have to be able to boil water. This makes it ideal for travel, camping trips and work stations that do not provide coffee that you like. Several people even feel that learning how to make coffee with a French press gives out better tasting brewed coffee overall.

Learning how to make coffee with a French press is actually very easy. First of all, you have to get some coffee beans that are coarse ground because finer grinds make coffee far too strong, while slipping through the coffee filters and creating sediments at the bottom. If you prefer extra strong coffee, though, put coarse grounds to use and just brew it longer.

Afterwards, get rid of the entire plunger tool from the French press and spoon just enough grounds for the amount of cups that you plan on making in the carafe’s bottom. You might have to experiment to find out the perfect amount that fits your personal taste, but your French press should come with a recommended amount anyway.

Fill up your carafe with some hot water. To find the ideal temperature, boil some water and cool it for half a minute or use a hot tap that several water coolers have. Gently stir the coffee ground with a spoon so that they submerge and get wet. Try not to use a metal spoon here, though, since that could ruin the carafe. Opt for a plastic or wooden one instead.

The plunger tool should stay up while being pulled that way while the filter stays near the very top. Place this onto the carafe in order to seal the brew in. However, if the carafe isn’t completely full due to fewer cups being made, just depress the plunger gently until it reaches the top of the water.

Leave it to brew for around four minutes. For additional flavor, swirl it around again. Then, turn away the spout and slowly press down the plunger. This will trap the grounds underneath the filter while brewed coffee will appear above them.

Leave it for another half a minute and hold down the carafe’s top while pouring out the coffee. Now you know how to make coffee with a French press. Enjoy your drink!

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