A Guide to Buying the Best Coffee Beans

A Guide to Buying the Best Coffee Beans

Coffee connoisseurs love nothing more than a cup of freshly brewed coffee. There was a time when getting the best beans and roasting them at home was not possible for everyone. With the advent of sophisticated coffee machines, it is now possible for everyone roast the coffee in the comfort of their homes. But there’s still the problem of getting the best beans. Not everyone is aware or has experience on how to buy the best coffee beans.

If you love your coffee and love to roast the beans at home then you need to find best beans. Coffee beans are of different types depending on their grade and the place where they were grown. Another factor that affects the coffee taste is the freshness of the beans. You must buy the freshest beans and not the ones that have been stored in a warehouse for number of years.

While buying coffee beans, the first thing you must look for is their grade and the place where they were grown. The most popular and commonly available beans are Costa Rican Tarrazu, Kenya AA, Guatemalan Antigua, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Brazilian Santos, Sumatra Mandheling, Mexican Altura, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Colombian Supremo and Tanzanian Peaberry. All these beans are rich in aroma and flavour and are named after the place where they were grown. The taste differs and depends on the climate, soil and height at which the beans were grown. If you are not familiar with all the bean types, you may want to try them at your local café.

The next thing you must decide is the place that you want to buy your beans from. If you have a local store selling coffee beans near your place, you can visit it to see the different types of beans available and judge their freshness. However if you do not have a good store near the place where you live, you can order the beans on the internet. The only problem with this approach is that you wouldn’t be able to judge the freshness until the beans have arrived. So you must do some research and order from a website or online store that has good reputation. You can find the reviews and ratings in popular review sites and coffee related forums.

Finally you must decide the quantity that you want to buy. Generally you would get a discount if you buy a bigger pack. If you are familiar with the types of beans that you want to buy, go for a bigger pack such as 5 pounds to take advantage of lower price. However if you want to try a new flavor, you may want to play it safe and order a much smaller pack of say one pound to start with.

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