My Favorite Coffee Brands

My Favorite Coffee Brands

Coffee has become a daily part of my life. It’s certainly a part of the morning I most look forward to. I don’t drink coffee for the jolt of energy it tends to give you. I love coffee because I love the way it tastes. I enjoy going out to have coffee, but love to make it at home. It’s much more economical. If made right, it can taste just like the kind you get at that fancy coffee shop or even at a Starbucks. The secret is to always use cold filtered water. Trust me it really does make a big difference. Here are a few of my favorite brands in no particular order that I recommend trying.

Tully’s Coffee – When my husband and I visited Seattle, we had to stop by the Tully’s factory there. That’s when I tried my first cup. I was a fan from then on. I purchased several bags of their coffee and was making it every day until we ran out. Years later, we still buy this coffee. I’ve always seen it available at my local grocery stores and I usually buy their House Blend. It’s so smooth and creamy and it tastes just like I had it in Seattle. It always brings me back.

Seattle’s Best Coffee – I guess Seattle really is known for making great coffee. I’ve been drinking this for years and it’s delicious. My favorite is their breakfast blend. It has such a smooth flavor and is very aromatic. It almost has a slight sweetness to it that I really enjoy. The bright red bag is easy to spot in the store and is usually reasonably priced.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Their packaged coffee is delicious. Brew according to the instructions and you are guaranteed a great cup of coffee. I always get their house blend. This is such a wonderful tasting coffee. There’s so much great flavor.

Peet’s coffee – This coffee is probably one of the most expensive that I’ve listed here, but so totally worth it. You will be stunned at how delicious it is and it packs in so much great flavor. I don’t buy it too often, but when I do, I’m always excited to have that first cup.

I know these are all big brand coffees, but out of the ones I’ve tried, there’s no comparison. They are more expensive, because they really do taste wonderful. If you follow the directions on the bag, you will get a perfect brew of coffee every time.

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