Don’t Spill the Coffee

Don’t Spill the Coffee

During a weekday morning, the family of 7 was having dinner. The father was a strict man that never spent time with his family. It seems that he was a very belligerent person. He never saw the good in family members only those on the outside. He would get very abusive and hostile in some situations that would only call for logical reasoning.

Back some years ago, before the time of automatic coffee makers, those old time coal stoves were used for cooking and heating. If you allowed an object to sit on a hot stove like that, before long, it became critically hot.

One day when the family was having dinner, the father asked the child, to pour coffee. The father had been very abusive that morning, cursing everything that moved. The daughter was so stressed out that she made her way over to the pot on the stove, grabbed a pot holder to grasp it, and then proceeded to the table with the coffee in hand. The first person she came to was her sister. She bent over her sister’s shoulder and poured the coffee down her blouse by mistake. The sister screamed with pain. What a gruesome burn she must have suffered.

Even with this incident, the father never took his actions into consideration. This could have been a lesson well learned by him, but the only thing he could do was to find fault with his children.

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