Coffee Health Breakthrough

Coffee Health Breakthrough

Coffee is known for antioxidants effect. The smell, the taste, the caffeine lift and the shared experience of coffee made people around the world want to start their day with a steaming cup of coffee. There are healthy benefits of coffee that is why it has become part of people’s modern life and culture.

Green coffee bean, green tea, and grape seed extract are the top widely used products worldwide. They are known for its antioxidant power. People use this product depending on their own preference. It is advantage to choose green coffee bean extract than roasted coffee bean. Ordinary coffee from roasted coffee bean has negative effects. There are proven studies that green coffee bean extract contains stronger antioxidant compared to grape seed and green tea extract. Chlorogenic acid (CGA), an active component found in coffee, helps neutralize free radicals and regulates metabolism. Normally, our body can handle free radicals but if the production of free radicals becomes excessive, damage can occur. Studies conducted by the Biological Science Laboratories show that green coffee bean reduces blood pressure. Absorption of oxygen free radicals by green coffee bean is more effective than green tea and grape seed extract.

There are other health benefits of green coffee bean extract. It can be an effective pain killer for migraine. It assists the body in burning fats which is helpful for athletes and bodybuilders with their muscle fatigue. The risk of developing liver diseases is reduced. Alcohol drinkers are advised to drink 2 cups of coffee a day to lessen the risk of liver damage. It is better to choose green coffee been since it lasts for a year. Unlike the roasted coffee bean, the green coffee bean’s shelf life is enormous. Within weeks of roasting, roasted coffee bean loses its flavor.

Coffee’s excellent impact to society is also tainted with overemphasized criticism. It is believed that coffee drains away bone calcium and stunts child’s growth. This was all a fallacy. It is not proven true that caffeine is associated with low bone mass. It is advised to have a balanced diet with sufficient calcium intake.

While taking advantage of coffee’s many health benefits, coffee can also be a great conversation starter. Choose coffee as your favorite way to begin a day as it reveals its impressive health benefits to mankind.

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