Top Coffee Shops Alright, let’s get this straight right now. I am a HUGE coffee fan! I love everything about it. The aroma, flavor, coloring, ahhhhh. Now I should also admit that I am NOT a fan of the big chain coffee houses. In my opinion, they are too generic and care more about the quantity sold then the quality. If you agree with me, then you’re ready to try these local coffee houses. They put blood, sweat and tears into every cup. Okay, maybe not, but they do pour a whole lotta love into them! When you’re ready to drive past the coffee chainRead More →

With a Starbucks on every corner, there is no doubt that Americans are addicted to coffee. Eager to get in on the trend, coffee machine manufacturers touted the benefits of “pod” coffee makers that would make one cup of perfect coffee without the fuss. The machines are convenient, and the coffee is good. But the pods used to brew the coffee are up to four times as high as regular rip coffee. Enter the new Perfect Pod. If you’ve missed the commercials, the Perfect Pod uses standard coffee and heat seals pods that work in any pod coffee machine. In theory, this is a greatRead More →

Caffe Sanora Organic Coffee is one of the top organic coffees having 40% more antioxidants than many of the other coffees on the market. If you haven’t switched to organic coffee, Caffe Sanora may just be the perfect introduction to natural coffees. Caffe Sanora Organic Coffee offers a lot of variety to the coffee drinker because in addition to a really good cup of coffee, and the benefits of the antioxidants, organic coffee drinks have a choice in the flavor of coffee. So what makes Caffe Sanora Organic Coffee different from other organic coffee? According to their Web site they use a process which isRead More →

JavaSoy Coffee, a product of Adler Foods is one of the coffees being categorized as a healthy coffee due to the protein boost one receives from the product. JavaSoy Coffee is said to have at least 7 times more protein than regular coffee. So what is JavaSoy Coffee? For those unfamiliar with the delicious elixir, JavaSoy Coffee is basically a blend of premium Colombian Arabica coffee and carefully selected non-GMO roasted soybeans. What does this mean to you? This means by drinking JavaSoy Coffee, you still get to enjoy your coffee fix but at the same time you are consuming fifty percent less caffeine, noRead More →

I was never a big coffee drinker growing up. Even when it kind of became a thing I didn’t really know what to do with it. In college I became a small fan of chocolate covered espresso beans, but even then didn’t take an amazing liking to coffee. As I’ve traveled though, and noting that I am still a huge fan of premium tea, I’ve gained a certain appreciation for coffee. Here’s the top 3 ‘non commercial’ coffee places near where I live. The first I have to mention is Cafe Vero in Lake George NY. There are very few places that stay open yearRead More →

Free Wireless Internet Coffee shops seem to be on every street corner, but if you want the Starbucks experience without the same cost or crowd then give Seattle’s Best Coffee in Waipio a shot. The place is never really crowded and the staff is very friendly. Once you have been there a few times I can almost guarantee that they will make your drink before you even order it. That is of course, if you get the same thing every time as I do. Located in Waipio Gentry, which is between Mililani and Waipahu on the island of Oahu, it is a popular stop forRead More →

Davis and Linda Allen have enjoyed a fantastic friendship throughout the years. A friendship that began over a cup of coffee, has evolved into a breathtaking social network for women. Davis and Allen have enjoyed many late night conversations over the years, discussing everything. “We could have solved all the world’s problems.” Lee said. But, one evening while talking about “everything” they began discussing how other women probably needed what they had. And so Girlfriends Café was born. Since its online debut in March of this year, Girlfriends Café has become the online home of over 4700 members. All types of women have found GirlfriendsRead More →

While larger coffee shops franchises have the benefit of offering fairly predictable beverages at every location, local coffee shops tend to be the favorites of citizens of any particular town. The cozy atmospheres offered at these coffee shops are often what draw their customers, along with their unique takes on “traditional” coffee shop beverages. For anyone visiting or living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, here is a list (and descriptions) of the top three independently owned local coffee shops: Shades of Brown: A favorite for people of all backgrounds, Shades draws its customer base from both Tulsa University and Oral Roberts University students as well as manyRead More →

Any “Top List” is always subjective, in my opinion. There will probably be people in my town of Johnson City, Tennessee, who will disagree with the top 3 coffee shops that I have chosen. However, I think that these three independent coffee shops, which are all quite different, are exceptionally good. Beasley’s Southern Bistro Beasley’s Southern Bistro, located at 2203 McKinley Road in Johnson City (locals will remember the building as the old Klopman Mills), moved from its location on South Roan Street. It also changed its style a bit. The “old” Beasley’s was known for its home cooking, which it still offers; however, theyRead More →

Coffee (Genus: Coffea L.) and tea (Genus: Camellia L.) are popular beverages. The coffee plant is endemic to the horn of Africa, specifically Ethiopia, while the tea plant grows wild on the foothill slopes of Southeast Asia, specifically Southern parts of China and Eastern India. Both beverages owe their popularity to their ability to stimulate and invigorate. This ability is based on certain active ingredients such as caffeine, catechins and others that tea leaves and coffee beans possess. These ingredients increase metabolic rates, which in turn, tend to stimulate dormant senses and reinvigorate tired ones. This is only one effective mechanism, though a principal one,Read More →