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I Developed This Recipe After Experimenting Around with a Recipe for Swedish Meatballs

I developed this recipe after experimenting around with a recipe for Swedish Meatballs. I made the Swedish Meatball recipe and it tasted great, absolutely delicious, moist, tender, and rich, and this is true of the Swedish Meatloaf with Cafe Sauce recipe too. The problem with the Swedish Meatball recipe was making 99 little meatballs, and then cooking half in the cafe sauce, and then cooking the other half. I just didn’t have the time and patience to do that. So I thought I could make this as a meat loaf too, and when I made it as a meat loaf, it came out just as good as the meatballs, and less time and preparation. It freezes very well, probably the best of any meat entree I have frozen and reheated. Still moist and incredibly tender after reheated. The Swedish Meatloaf with Cafe Sauce is very versatile to serve, and I like to serve this entree with mashed potatoes, and corn, or over pasta. You can also eat this as a sandwich served in bread, or bun. I only bake this entree in the oven. The flavors are too delicate to bake outdoors on the grill, the smoke, or campfire-baked taste, takes away all the delicate flavors.


1/2 cup chopped onion
3-Tablespoons butter, or margarine
1 beaten egg
1-cup light cream
1-1/2 cups bread crumbs (soft)
1/4 cup finely snipped parsley
1-1/4 teaspoon salt
Dash of ground nutmeg
Dash of ginger
Dash of pepper
1-1/2 pounds beef
Or use a mixture of 3/4 pounds ground beef, 1/2 pound ground veal, and 1/2 pound ground pork
2-Tablespoons all purpose flour
1-teaspoon instant beef bouillon granules
1/2-teaspoon instant coffee, or espresso crystals.

Making the Swedish Meat Loaf:

In a skillet cook the onion in 1 Tablespoon of the butter, or margarine till tender. In the mixing bowl combine the egg, and cream, then stir in the cooked onion, breadcrumbs, parsley, salt, nutmeg, ginger, and peeper, Add the ground beef, or the alternate 3 meat mixtures, and mix together. Chill the mixture, and then shape meat into an 8×4 inch loaf shape, and place in an 11x7x1-1/2 inch-baking pan. Smooth the top.

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 1-1/4 hour or until done.

The Cafe Sauce:

In the skillet add the remaining 2 Tablespoons of butter, or margarine, slowly stir in the flour, bouillon granules, and coffee, or espresso crystals; add 1-1/4 cups water. Cook and stir till thickened and bubbly.

Add 1/4 over of cafe sauce over Swedish Meat Loaf, 10 minutes before done, and reserve the rest of the Cafe Sauce to serve with Swedish Meat Loaf.

Serves 6

I would like to introduce you to a long-time favorite product of mine called Teeccino Herbal Coffee. Now, I know how many truly terrible coffee substitutes there are out there… Postum… Pero… Etc. But this is not one of them (in fact, to date, this is probably the only acceptable coffee substitute that I know of. In fact, I sort of hesitate to call it a coffee substitute. I’d rather call it an herbal beverage. If I must, however, I could be persuaded to call it “herbal coffee.”

For the record, in case there is any confusion, this is not actually coffee at all. There is zero caffeine, and it contains no coffee or coffee by-products. It is actually an herbal infusion. An infusion is a liquid made from pouring hot water over fresh or dried herbs (generally leaves and flower petals and the like, although it can also be made from roots, twigs, leaves, etc) This is what most of us think of when we think about hot beverages. Green tea is always an infusion, as are most types of prepared coffee. A decoction, on the other hand, is most commonly made from other parts of the plant, such as bark, fruit, nuts, twigs, and the like. Decoctions are also generally boiled for some period of time and used for medicinal purposes.

Technically, Teeccino is an herbal infusion (even though it contains roots), and a right tasty one at that. Teeccino was developed by Caroline MacDougall, who, as some true hot beverage connoisseurs might know, did a great deal of designing and research for companies such as the Republic of Tea.

Teeccino is made from a blend of nuts, fruits, grains and herbs (the dark tones of Teeccino come from roasted carob, barley, and chicory root, which form Teeccino’s base) that brew up quite nicely when made using traditional coffee or tea preparation methods (with the Teeccino, and most other brewed beverages, I prefer the french press method.)

I suppose the most important things about Teeccino, however, are the principles behind it. Their purpose is to assist people is removing a substance from their lives which is viewed by them as harmful, and they do it in a friendly, not to mention rather tasty way. Additionally, Teeccino Caffe puts every effort into ensuring that their materials are obtained in the most ethical ways possible. Often, they even make charitable donations to the exotic locations that some of their ingredients come from.

So, here we have a product that is as useful as it is ethical. Such a product is hard to find these days. So, if you love coffee but are looking to get away from caffeine, or if you love darkened teas, or even if you just want to try something new and delicious, this is the beverage for you.

If any of you have the opportunity, I strongly recommend that you give it a try! You will be glad you did!

Most major city’s and town’s have at least a handful of great coffee shops and bistro’s. It was a new and growing trend in the business world of entrepreneurship in the 1990’s and still is today. Many consumer’s don’t realize how much they are spending on take out coffee.

All of us are familiar with the popular chains. Even fast food places and convenience stores are hopping on the specialty coffee bandwagon’s. You can even buy pre made coffee drinks in your grocery store. Many of us are pulled in by the convenience and then become hooked on the taste of certain drinks. Unfortunately it can really hurt your budget without you even realizing it. On average American’s spend almost 9 million dollars a year buying coffee outside of the home.

With numbers like that it is no wonder that sales in the retail coffee business is huge. It can be a budget buster for consumers. Just a few drinks a week adds up quickly and is hard on your budget. If you buy one drink five times a week at $4 that adds up to $1040 a year. We all know that is likely to be even more for people who spurge on coffee house pastries and other tempting treats.

It might not be easy to break your habit at first but here are a just 3 easy ways to help you on your way.

Invest in Quality Supplies

The first step to breaking your habit is to invest in some quality supplies. Start by deciding what the best way to make your coffee may be to suit your own tastes. Do you like cappuccino with frothy whipped milk? Or do you prefer a bold black brew? If you are hooked on the convenience start setting your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier every morning and invest in a good machine with a timer, cappuccino makers or just a simple French press.

Next you will want to choose a quality coffee. Using fresh beans is the optimal way to go for the best tasting coffee. With the internet at your disposal you can order many different flavored or gourmet blends as well. Or if you like your favorite coffee house brand buy your beans there! You will also need a grinder for your beans. These can be purchase at most discount stores for around $10. If you don’t want to bother with grinding your own beans you can still buy quality coffee pre ground. if you like your favorite coffee house blends ask to see if you can purchase a bag for making at home.

Syrups & flavorings are a must if you like specialty flavored drinks. These are widely available in most grocery stores and can be ordered via the internet. You can also find a wide array of espresso powders and instant cappuccino mixes for making specialty drinks. Chocolate syrup, sprinkles and whipped cream is also a must.

A good travel mug will be a good investment and the most important item for those who buy take out coffee on the go.

Create Knock Off Drinks in Your own Kitchen

Are you addicted to a specific drink at your coffee house? The good news is internet is full of copycat websites with recipes for your favorite drinks! Just a quick Google search will bring up many websites with recipes to experiment with until you find one you love.

Reward Yourself

The best way to break a habit is by setting a goal. Reward yourself when you meet your goal. Not with take out coffee though. Just think of all the money you will be saving. Your homemade concoctions will cost you just a fraction of the price of their pre made store bought counterpart’s. You could probably take a nice vacation or start a substantial saving’s account with the money you will save on take out coffee’s! Set a goal and then create smaller steps so you will be likely to achieve your goal. It won’t happen overnight, but with a little planning you will get the hang of avoiding dropping $4 a pop on coffee.

Following these easy steps can help you save a lot of cash for a rainy day, just on take out coffee’s alone. It might be a good habit to acquire. After awhile you won’t even miss take out coffee and your wallet will thank you.

How to Use Your Addiction to Gain Financial Independence

Almost every book about saving money or getting out of debt tells you to forgo your daily double-half-caf-latte and put the four dollars you would have spent for a java buzz into the bank. If you do that every day, you can knock $1460 off your credit card balance for the year, or apply an extra payment to your mortgage. Or take a vacation. Sounds great!

Unfortunately this dictum ignores the fact that coffee is an addiction, and most of us need that morning jolt to make us even moderately productive during the typical day. Sure, you might get rich, but who wants to hang out with a grumpy millionaire?

Coffee is a necessity for a greater part of the population, so to preserve your money and your sanity you have to become a wise coffee drinker. When you spring for a paper cup full of Starbuck’s coffee, a large percentage of your four bucks is paying for that green and black logo. It’s just coffee, after all; why should it be so expensive? If you’re like me, you’re just in it for the caffeine anyway–flavor is a bonus.

I’m not suggesting you sink to the level of Maxwell House or Sanka; there are some very flavorful coffees available that are quite reasonable. My favorite is Bustelo, a rich coffee imported from Cuba and widely available in the U.S. I used to buy it in my local grocery store for about $2.99 for a 10-ounce brick. But over the past year or two the store price rose above $3.00, so I switched to Cafe Caribe, which is roasted and blended by a Brooklyn company for the Hispanic market and is still under $3.00 a brick.

But I could do even better. A quick online search turned up several sources of cheap coffee that don’t sacrifice taste:

Coffee Bean Direct (www.coffeebeandirect.com) offers 42 varieties of roasted whole beans, not including decaffeinated versions. On the low side, whole bean Colombian Supremo can be purchased in 25-pound bags for $89.50 ( which works out to $3.58 per pound), and whole bean Dark Celebes Kalossi in a 25-pound bag maxes out at $138.75 ($5.55 per pound). Not only does bulk buying save on product cost, but Coffee Bean Direct offers free shipping for orders of 25 pounds or more.

Java Cabana (www.javacabana.com) has a decent selection of flavorful branded coffee. Among their offerings are:
– Medaglia d’Oro (Italy). A case of six 36-ounce cans sells for $63.80 (or $10.63 per big can, equivalent to $2.95 for a 10-ounce can).
– Bustelo, my favorite, from Cuba can be had in cases of twenty-four 10-ounce bricks for $59.40 (equal to $2.48 per brick).
– Pilon (Cuba). Case of twenty-four 10-ounce bricks for $57.40 ($2.39/brick).
– Caffe’ Signore (Italy). Case of twenty-four 8.8oz bricks for $61.68 (or $2.57 per brick, equivalent to $2.91 for a 10-ounce brick).
Shipping will certainly add somewhat to these prices, but at the time of this writing Java Cabana was offering UPS Ground service for free.

I also found a company called California Coffee Roasters (www.freshcoffee.net), which offers five standard varieties in 5-pound bags for $27.50 ($5.50 per pound). The shipping cost for 5 pounds is quoted at $7.25, but they offer free shipping for orders of 20 pounds or more.

The best deal? My current caffeine delivery system, Cafe Caribe, on Amazon.com–six 10-ounce bricks cost $12, and there’s free shipping for orders of $25 or more. They also sell 6-ounce bricks of Cafe Bustelo for $2.50.

So let’s see how far down you can pay your Visa balance if you’re getting your coffee from your mailman instead of your local artisan roaster. A 10-ouce can of Cafe Caribe makes about 10 large espressos or cappuccinos (probably the equivalent of a Starbuck’s double), and if you buy it on Amazon for $2.00 per brick, each cup will cost you twenty cents. That means that your annual cost for productivity and bliss is only $73. Heck, at that price you can afford to have a second cup every day and still tuck away over $1300 a year!

Of course these calculations do not factor in the initial investment of thirty or forty dollars for a Krups espresso machine on eBay, perhaps a ten-spot for a thermos, and the ongoing cost of milk or cream and sugar; but even taking those into consideration you still come out well ahead of your brand-loyal friends.

So kiss goodbye to the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and say hello to Jamaica, or Aspen, or to financial freedom!

During a weekday morning, the family of 7 was having dinner. The father was a strict man that never spent time with his family. It seems that he was a very belligerent person. He never saw the good in family members only those on the outside. He would get very abusive and hostile in some situations that would only call for logical reasoning.

Back some years ago, before the time of automatic coffee makers, those old time coal stoves were used for cooking and heating. If you allowed an object to sit on a hot stove like that, before long, it became critically hot.

One day when the family was having dinner, the father asked the child, to pour coffee. The father had been very abusive that morning, cursing everything that moved. The daughter was so stressed out that she made her way over to the pot on the stove, grabbed a pot holder to grasp it, and then proceeded to the table with the coffee in hand. The first person she came to was her sister. She bent over her sister’s shoulder and poured the coffee down her blouse by mistake. The sister screamed with pain. What a gruesome burn she must have suffered.

Even with this incident, the father never took his actions into consideration. This could have been a lesson well learned by him, but the only thing he could do was to find fault with his children.

Any “Top List” is always subjective, in my opinion. There will probably be people in my town of Johnson City, Tennessee, who will disagree with the top 3 coffee shops that I have chosen. However, I think that these three independent coffee shops, which are all quite different, are exceptionally good.

Beasley’s Southern Bistro

Beasley’s Southern Bistro, located at 2203 McKinley Road in Johnson City (locals will remember the building as the old Klopman Mills), moved from its location on South Roan Street. It also changed its style a bit. The “old” Beasley’s was known for its home cooking, which it still offers; however, they have also expanded the menu and added some unique sandwiches (including a lobster sub) and, of course, various types of coffees. My husband and I were frequent visitors to the Beasley’s on South Roan and have followed them to their new place. I loved their regular coffee at the old location. I adore their vanilla cappuccino at the new location. There is nothing better than Eggs Benedict for breakfast and a large cup of cappuccino. You can order other flavors and lattes, as well. In addition, when you first walk into the old Klopman Mills, you will notice that it is being turned into a large building full of dozens of spaces for offices or small retail establishments. Also, in the large entryway, Beasley’s has set up comfy couches and chairs in front of a large stone fireplace where you can enjoy your coffee if you choose to skip the wonderful atmosphere in the restaurant. Coming in the future: a patio for outdoor dining and for sipping on a great cup of coffee while reading a book. Beasley’s is open for breakfast and lunch only at the moment. For more information, give them a call at 423-232-1500.

The Acoustic Coffeehouse

The Acoustic Coffeehouse is located at 415 West Walnut Street in Johnson City. It is more than just a coffeehouse, though. It is a gathering place for students from nearby East Tennessee University and for those who enjoy good music. (The owner Jim Benelisha is himself a musician.) Of course, they have coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and a mocha that can also be frozen. At night, however, while you are listening to some great music, you might want to try one of the many types of beer that they offer. Visit their website – The Acoustic Coffeehouse — or give them a call at 423-434-9872. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 3:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. and Sunday 5:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m.

Café Lola Bistro

If you are interested in something a bit more upscale, then you will want to visit Café Lola located 1805 North Roan Street in Johnson City. They are open for lunch Monday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and then open again for dinner at 5:00 p.m. They also offer a Sunday Brunch from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The food is made fresh daily, and the atmosphere is relaxing and cozy. Of course, you can get your coffee, espresso, cappuccino, or latte. In addition, they have a wine and martini bar along with live jazz every Tuesday. For more information, visit their website – Café Lola Bistro — or give them a call at 423-928-5652

Free Wireless Internet

Coffee shops seem to be on every street corner, but if you want the Starbucks experience without the same cost or crowd then give Seattle’s Best Coffee in Waipio a shot. The place is never really crowded and the staff is very friendly. Once you have been there a few times I can almost guarantee that they will make your drink before you even order it. That is of course, if you get the same thing every time as I do.

Located in Waipio Gentry, which is between Mililani and Waipahu on the island of Oahu, it is a popular stop for commuters and others looking to wind down their afternoon or evening with some java. If you are getting tired of the huge crowds at Starbucks then this place is for you.

You can usually get your favorite drinks for under $5. They offer the usual sorts of stuff like coffee, but they also carry other things such as their lines of Java Kula. And no it is not some African potion to make you go to sleep. It is part milkshake, part coffee and all goodness. You can get one with crushed up Oreo cookies, one with caramel or the traditional vanilla.

You can also get mocha drinks over ice or blended for more of a smoothie texture. If Lattes are more your thing you can try out the many different varieties that they have like hazelnut, raspberry or cinnamon, just to name a few. They are all hand made to order.

Okay, so here is my big tip as to why I like this place so much. Can you say free wireless Internet? How many places offer you that? As much money as McDonald’s and Starbucks makes, you figure that they could spring for free wireless Internet. At both these places you need to purchase airtime. Not at Seattle’s Best. Stop in, turn on your wireless connection and you are good to go.

Over all I like this coffee shop. The only things I noticed was that when they do get busy you may need to wait for a bit as they usually only have one person working the counter. The other thing is that the sandwiches are a bit overpriced. I believe a ham and cheese muffin was over three dollars. However, getting a table is never a problem, the drinks are a reasonable price and the free Internet is something you won’t find at many places. My suggestion is if you want coffee and want free wireless Internet service then check out Seattle’s Best in Waipio, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Top Coffee Shops

Alright, let’s get this straight right now. I am a HUGE coffee fan! I love everything about it. The aroma, flavor, coloring, ahhhhh. Now I should also admit that I am NOT a fan of the big chain coffee houses. In my opinion, they are too generic and care more about the quantity sold then the quality. If you agree with me, then you’re ready to try these local coffee houses. They put blood, sweat and tears into every cup. Okay, maybe not, but they do pour a whole lotta love into them! When you’re ready to drive past the coffee chain gang, then check these out!


Cuppy’s Coffee – 1600 Due West Rd. Kennesaw, Ga. 30152 (678-354-6155)

Cuppy’s is a great alternative to the homogenized coffee houses. They pride themselves on superb customer service and a cheerful attitude. It is entirely possible that the employees are super happy because they’re hyped up on extreme caffeine, but who cares? Their coffee has a deep aroma and rich flavor that’s tough to beat. Cuppy’s has a laid back atmosphere with a modern, updated look. If you’re into chilled drinks try their Iced Mocha or maybe a Fruit Smoothie! Be sure to grab a bite while there. Customers rave about the chicken salad, homemade chili and grilled panini sandwiches. If you live in the Cobb County area, stop by and check them out! Hours vary so give them a call or friend them on facebook. (Wi-Fi)

Hiram Coffee House – 159 Main St. Suite A, Hiram, Ga. 30141 (678-567-2225)

Nestled in downtown Hiram near the railroad tracks, you will find a true delight! Hiram Coffee House is found in what was once a speakeasy during Prohibition and is a local treasure. Serving all manner of expresso based drinks, a full breakfast and lunch menu and offering Wi-Fi to its customers. Hiram Coffee House may be located in an antiques area but it has all the necessary upgrades required for our fast moving society. Grab a quick cup as your dashing about your day OR stay and linger awhile. The staff treats you like family and enjoy what they’re doing. From grits to omelets, greek salads to hot pastrami, you’re sure to find a tasty treat to go with your beverage of choice! Be sure to visit the Hiram Coffee House and it will soon become a favorite of yours too!

I’ve said it before and I’ll definitely say it again, several times. I am not a fan of the cookie cutter, cardboard box coffee chains. If you feel the same, then be sure to visit Cuppy’s and the Hiram Coffee House. They are locally owned and operated by folks right in your community. Show them your support, savor their ambiance and drink up!

Davis and Linda Allen have enjoyed a fantastic friendship throughout the years. A friendship that began over a cup of coffee, has evolved into a breathtaking social network for women.

Davis and Allen have enjoyed many late night conversations over the years, discussing everything. “We could have solved all the world’s problems.” Lee said. But, one evening while talking about “everything” they began discussing how other women probably needed what they had.

And so Girlfriends Café was born.

Since its online debut in March of this year, Girlfriends Café has become the online home of over 4700 members. All types of women have found Girlfriends Café to be a safe place in the storm of life.

Lee and Linda have been amazed at the astounding number of women who have become a part of their dream. Lee stated that other web site, radio, national newspapers, and other types of media have all picked up the news of their online offering.

They have been saddened and amazed, at points by, the “need that women have, to have contact with other women, with an adult woman”. “Single mothers who suddenly find themselves isolated, have a real need for this network!” Lee was enthusiastic about the way she and Linda have been able to provide a place for women to find empowerment.

“This is not so much about feminism, just about women being proud of who they are, in whatever place in life they may be.” Lee said she has been a witness to the changes in women’s view of themselves throughout the years. “Pushing fifty” Lee has been an observer of women since the women’s movement began in the 1960’s. “I had hoped for more change.” “Many women still need support, and that is one of the benefits that Girlfriends Café provides.”

But, that’s not all. There are chat rooms, message boards, a free classifieds area, and a place to blog. All of this for free. “We will never charge to become a member of Girlfriends Café.”

One of the nicest areas offered at the Girlfriends Café site is the Inspirations area. Here, members write poems, stories, and other written contributions concerning their lives, ideas, and friendships. They are truly moving and help women remember those women who have been and continue to be an important element in their lives.

Who would have ever thought that a relationship born over a cup of coffee would have evolved into Girlfriends Café? An online oasis, ” created by girlfriends for girlfriends!”

JavaSoy Coffee, a product of Adler Foods is one of the coffees being categorized as a healthy coffee due to the protein boost one receives from the product. JavaSoy Coffee is said to have at least 7 times more protein than regular coffee. So what is JavaSoy Coffee? For those unfamiliar with the delicious elixir, JavaSoy Coffee is basically a blend of premium Colombian Arabica coffee and carefully selected non-GMO roasted soybeans. What does this mean to you? This means by drinking JavaSoy Coffee, you still get to enjoy your coffee fix but at the same time you are consuming fifty percent less caffeine, no carbohydrates, lower acidity, no fats, no sugars, and healthy Soy Protein.

For those who have yet to try Soy products JavaSoy Coffee is a great springboard to trying soy products due to its delicious taste, and the health benefits one receives as a result of consuming the product. One of the most important things to emphasize is the fact that you are not compromising the taste of your coffee with JavaSoy Coffee. In fact the taste is quite pure, rich, and aromatic. The soybeans used in the processing of JavaSoy Coffee are high quality food grade soybeans, combined with quality Columbian Arabica coffee beans resulting in a rich gourmet coffee.

If interested in regular coffee, there is the basic blend of JavaSoy Coffee which is rich and aromatic. You will not however compromise taste, richness or variety in drinking JavaSoy Coffee. JavaSoy offers a wide variety of coffees for your enjoyment. Included in the collection of JavaSoy Coffee Blends are the following: JavaSoy Coffee Soy Blend Caramel Cream, JavaSoy Coffee Soy Blend Breakfast Coffee, JavaSoy Coffee Soy Blend French Vanilla, and JavaSoy Coffee Soy Blend Vanilla Hazelnut. Decaf versions are also available for those who prefer so. JavaSoy Coffee retails for $12.99 for a 12-ounce package. For those interested in purchasing in quantity, six packages are available for $74.21. JavaSoy Coffee is also available in Gift Baskets.

JavaSoy Coffee can be purchased at the JavaSoy Coffee Web site or wherever natural foods are sold. There is a list of retail stores throughout the Continental United States listed on the Adler Foods Web site where the products can be purchased. For more information you can reach customer service at 815-372-4485 between the hours of 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday.