Any “Top List” is always subjective, in my opinion. There will probably be people in my town of Johnson City, Tennessee, who will disagree with the top 3 coffee shops that I have chosen. However, I think that these three independent coffee shops, which are all quite different, are exceptionally good. Beasley’s Southern Bistro Beasley’s Southern Bistro, located at 2203 McKinley Road in Johnson City (locals will remember the building as the old Klopman Mills), moved from its location on South Roan Street. It also changed its style a bit. The “old” Beasley’s was known for its home cooking, which it still offers; however, theyRead More →

Coffee (Genus: Coffea L.) and tea (Genus: Camellia L.) are popular beverages. The coffee plant is endemic to the horn of Africa, specifically Ethiopia, while the tea plant grows wild on the foothill slopes of Southeast Asia, specifically Southern parts of China and Eastern India. Both beverages owe their popularity to their ability to stimulate and invigorate. This ability is based on certain active ingredients such as caffeine, catechins and others that tea leaves and coffee beans possess. These ingredients increase metabolic rates, which in turn, tend to stimulate dormant senses and reinvigorate tired ones. This is only one effective mechanism, though a principal one,Read More →

A French press can give you an easy and cheap way of making coffee anywhere. You simply have to be able to boil water. This makes it ideal for travel, camping trips and work stations that do not provide coffee that you like. Several people even feel that learning how to make coffee with a French press gives out better tasting brewed coffee overall. Learning how to make coffee with a French press is actually very easy. First of all, you have to get some coffee beans that are coarse ground because finer grinds make coffee far too strong, while slipping through the coffee filtersRead More →

Coffee is an extremely common part of every day life. Most adults in the United States cannot start their day without a cup. It strange that even though coffee is such a common thing many people never stop to think where the coffee bean comes from. There is a long process required to harvest, sort, process, and roast, and distribute coffee beans. This process can be approached in a few different ways. Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee cherry. The coffee tree grows the coffee cherries. This essay will discuss the hand picked and dry processed methods. The method used to harvest andRead More →

To say I love coffee is an understatement. A rather gross understatement, at that. I am a coffee fiend. I love the smell, the taste, the texture, the boldness. As you would assume from that description, a simple cup of Folgers just won’t do it for me. Believe me, I’ve tried much when it comes to my favorite beverage. Starbucks. Great for hanging with friends and shooting the breeze. McD’s for a quick caffeine boost is OK. And they have decent Frappes for that hot summer day. Insert your favorite coffee in this spot. _____________Whatever it is, I have a plan that will make yourRead More →

Give it a Unique New Look Old furniture that is not considered antique is dated and sometimes even an eyesore. It probably looked great when it was new and stylish, but when it is twenty or thirty years old it could more than likely use an update. Instead of giving it away or placing it out by the curb, give it a whole new look for less. Try these creative ways to update an old coffee table, and breathe new life into furniture that is no longer considered in-style. Update an Old Coffee Table with Slate Slate tables are stylish and sturdy, and the tilesRead More →

My name is Alyce George and I am a coffee-holic. I have to drink at least one to two cups a day to wake up mentally before 4 pm. When my friend introduced me to the pleasures of ice coffee, I found a wonderful way to get my fix quickly, without waiting for my hot coffee to cool. Apparently, it is also usually double brewed, which causes the caffeine content to be higher. Now, life without my ice coffee feels pointless. I look for change under the sofa, in the dryer and in kitchen drawers to support my habit. I even pulled a stint workingRead More →

Coffee has become a daily part of my life. It’s certainly a part of the morning I most look forward to. I don’t drink coffee for the jolt of energy it tends to give you. I love coffee because I love the way it tastes. I enjoy going out to have coffee, but love to make it at home. It’s much more economical. If made right, it can taste just like the kind you get at that fancy coffee shop or even at a Starbucks. The secret is to always use cold filtered water. Trust me it really does make a big difference. Here areRead More →

The Napoletana, or Flip Coffee Pot The napoletana, or flip pot, is a manual drip brew coffee maker that operates in the same manner as any other dripolator, but with a unique twist: it’s turned upside-down to start the brewing process. Just like other dripolators, the napoletana consists of upper pot (to avoid confusion, this will be called the kettle) and a lower pot (or server), but the basket which holds the coffee looks like a big salt shaker. Napoletanas come in a variety of sizes and are designed to hold only the appropriate amount of coffee to an equally appropriate amount of water relativeRead More →

Coffee is known for antioxidants effect. The smell, the taste, the caffeine lift and the shared experience of coffee made people around the world want to start their day with a steaming cup of coffee. There are healthy benefits of coffee that is why it has become part of people’s modern life and culture. Green coffee bean, green tea, and grape seed extract are the top widely used products worldwide. They are known for its antioxidant power. People use this product depending on their own preference. It is advantage to choose green coffee bean extract than roasted coffee bean. Ordinary coffee from roasted coffee beanRead More →